Another Update! - Free Shopify Themes Comparison

Updated 30th Dec, 2016 - Looks like Shopify have been busy and brought back another 3 free Shopify themes with sections now enabled. The updated themes include Pop, Simple and Supply.

You may have noticed some changes have been happening on the Shopify Theme store. Specifically surrounding the introduction of Section capabilities that have now been added to themes.

If you want to know more about Section, what they give you and other things to be aware of then check out our previous blog post on the topic - "Shopify Theme Editor Update Gotcha's"

With the introduction of Sections Shopify have also update "some" of the free themes they offer. Those that have been updated include:

  • Boundless
  • Brooklyn
  • Debut
  • Jumpstart
  • Minimal
  • Pop
  • Simple
  • Supply
  • Venture

What happened to the other themes? They are now gone! Here is the list:

    • Classic
    • Lookbook
    • New Standard
    • Solo

So, with these changes we have updated our free Shopify theme comparison matrix to make it easier to see what capabilities are provided by each theme. Hopefully this will make you theme selection process a little easier. If you click on the image below you can download a bigger pdf version of the matrix.

Download me as a PDF

Download me as a PDF

As always, if you get stuck or need a hand setting up a Shopify store contact Going Square to see how we can assist.

Happy Shopifying

Going Square Team