Is your Shopify site looking like a ghost town?

Make you Shopify site hum with Shopify Administration Training - for free!

All to often we come across Shopify sites where the owners have let their online shop become an online ghost town.

The site has been neglected, no longer up to date or fresh, customers are complaining about order turn-around times or items out of stock. Mostly because a Shopify owner hasn't been given the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain their site once it has been handed over to them.

So to remedy that we are offering free online Shopify Administration training. That's right, free.

All you have to do is use this referral link to set-up your Shopify site. Flick us an email at Going Square to let us know the name of your new shop and we will set up an account for you on our online training platform to access this training material.

Alternatively, if you utilise one of the Shopify implementation packages we offer for your online store then you will also get free access to the training material plus more.

If you already have a site and would simply like to have access to the training material, we also offer it to be purchased for $A22 from our online store.

So you may be asking - how did this training come about and what do you cover? 

When a Shopify owner has just created a site or has had one created for them, everyone is usually happy, it has a beautiful theme with their own styles and branding applied. Products details and imagery have been uploaded along with all the other configuration settings implemented to handling taxation, shipping, checkout, payments etc.

Their site look amazing, the sun is shining and orders and inventory starts coming in the door. They need to get things going to make sure customers are happily receiving their orders and get paid!

They may have even received some handover training from the company that helped set the site up. 

But… a few weeks down the track and you might now be scratching your head trying to remember what was said and how to do some things. While Shopify is an easy platform to use and very intuitive to navigate around, you can find still find yourself scrounging around trying to figure out how to do a certain task. 

Don't get us wrong, the long form training material provided by  Shopify is fantastic. We would always recommend it to anyone as a great source of learning - but sometimes it is also nice to have that hand holding experience. Watching someone walk you though a task without having to read copious amounts of documentation can be a better learning experience.

This is where this series of training videos comes to play. We have created a number of online videos that take you through what a Shopify owner needs to know to administer and manage their site once it is operational or about to go live.

This Shopify video training is provided free to all Going Square clients and has proven to be very popular. You can learn at your own pace and refer to it whenever you like, in a medium that is easy to refer and understand. If a client experiences a change in staff then they can easily direct new staff at this resource to get them up and going faster.

In this guide we cover a number of key areas to help you ensure your store is running as smoothly as possible. 

We cover the following topics over 6 videos and supporting resources :

  • Administration Page Overview
  • Product Management
    • Products
    • Collections
    • Meta Tags
    • Inventory
    • Inventory Transfers
  • Order Management
    • Orders
    • Drafts
    • Abandoned Checkouts
  • Customer Management
  • Discounts
  • Content Management
    • Home Page
    • Content Page
    • Blog Posts
  • User/Staff Management

If you need help in setting up, developing or designing your Shopify site then let us know at Going Square and we would be happy to discuss further to see how we can support your online business venture. In doing so you we will automatically qualify for free access to this training material.

Alternatively by using our referral link to set-up your Shopify site you will be given free access to our training material or purchase it online if you already have a Shopify site.


The Going Square Team