Comparison Matrix of Free Shopify Themes

Updated 18/11/2016 - Since writing this post the free themes on offer have now changed. For further details on this refer to our latest post Updated! - Free Shopify Themes Comparison.

This is a follow up on a recent article we published on what to look for when selecting a Shopify Theme

Many people found it useful and we have received a lot of positive feedback.  One thing that has since became obvious from the feedback is how it would be great to have a summary of the key features provided by each Shopify Theme so you could quickly hone in on those themes that would best suit your purpose.

So we have put together a Shopify Theme Comparison Matrix which summarises and compares the key features and capabilities provided with each of the Free Shopify Themes from the Shopify Theme store.

Note: Don't squint - download the linked pdf file which you can zoom in on!

While we have captured a lot of the points in our previous Shopify Theme Selection article, we encourage you to still refer back to it for further background details and to get a better understanding of each feature.

In the matrix you will also find a number of hyperlinks to utilise which can help you quickly browse and view  the Shopify Themes styles or the supporting demo or documentation for that theme.

If you are not sure on what a listed feature means, refer to the feature description outlined below:

  • Theme Name - The Shopify name for the theme
  • Style Names - The name of the different styles available for a theme
  • Industries - Specific industry to which this theme is best suited
  • Demo Site - Link to a demo site using the theme style
  • Documentation - Link to the documentation using the theme style
  • Layout Style - The layout of the theme, refer to Selecting a Shopify Theme article for a further breakdown of the theme layout definitions
  • Full-screen - Does the theme utilise the full screen width 
  • Header Image / Banner - Header images are displayed along the top of the site pages
  • Full Screen Header Image Support - Different from full screen in that the theme supports a full screen image in the header but remainder of the theme layout is not full screen
  • Multiple Logo Support - Allows for a different logo to be displayed on homepage to that of other pages
  • Slideshow Banners - Supports the display an image slideshow banner
  • Promotion Bar - A field is provided to capture promotional text to be displayed in the site header
  • Site Background Image - Supports the display of a background image across the site pages
  • No. Homepage Sections - The maximum number of sections that the homepage supports
  • Section Types - The different types of content sections supported by the themes homepage
  • Displays Payment Methods - Displays an icon for each of the accepted payment methods on the homepage
  • Displays Collections on Homepage - Allows for the display of collections on the homepage
  • Sticky Nav Bar - The navigation bar remains positioned at the top or side of the page as the user scrolls around the page contents
  • B/H/V Navigation - Navigation type. B - Hamburger, H- Horizontal, V- Vertical
  • Secondary Menu - Provides a location to display menu links in addition to the header and footer sections
  • Hierarchical Navigation - A multi-level menu hierarchy is supported
  • Max Menu Hierarchy Levels - Maximum number of levels supported by the menu hierarchy
  • Mega / Multi-tiered Menu - The theme supports the display of mega menus - menu columns under a menu
  • Images in Mega Menu - Images can be displayed in the mega menu
  • Sidebar Support - The display of a sidebar is supported
  • Sticky Sidebar - The sidebar position remains fixed as the user scrolls around the page
  • Configurable Sidebar Pages - The contents in the sidebar are configurable
  • Footer Section - Supports a configurable footer sections
  • Footer Navigation - Navigation links can be displayed in the footer
  • Filter / Shop By Tags - Provides a facility for the user to filter products by meta data tags
  • Grouped Tags - Allows for the grouping of like product meta data tags
  • Custom Tag Sort Order - The tag sort order can be customised
  • Displays Mouse Over Effect - When the user hovers over an image a mouse over effect is displayed
  • Skip First Image Option - Makes the first image for each product only appear on the collections page. Product page will skip it. Great for hiding product feature / product placement images.
  • Product Zoom/Hover Over - A zoom or hover over effect is displayed when the user hovers their mouse cursor over a product image
  • Related Products Support - Provides support for displaying like or related images to the current product displayed
  • Product Option Swatches - Swatches are displayed when selecting product options eg. colour, material, type etc.
  • Pre-Checkout - Shipping Rate Calculators - The calculator is displayed before the customer has to click on Checkout button
  • Custom Cart Options - The different options available to customise the shopping cart
  • Newsletter Feature - Support for capture a newsletter subscription email address.
  • Good for Wholesale (eg. large volume) - Is the theme good for wholesale purposed eg. large product range

If you find we haven't captured a feature you would like to see, please let us know.

Happy Shopifying!

Going Square Team

If you are still struggling to find the right theme or getting started in setting up your Shopify site then feel free to get in contact with Going Square to discuss how we can help.