Shopify Theme Editor Update Gotcha's

Shopify recently announced some changes to the Shopify platform whereby they have introduced new theme section capabilities and a new UI for the theme editor. This is all great and definitely a step in the right direction to make the content management experience much better in Shopify.

There are some gotcha's though that people should be aware of:

  1. The section functionality only works on the home page of a Shopify site and not any other pages you define.
  2. In renaming the Theme "Preset" functionality to "Theme Style" they appear to have taken away the ability to save a Theme Style with your own settings and name it like you used to be able to eg.  

This has been confirmed with Shopify and Shopify support have promised to let me know if it will make a return. Apparently it was a rarely used feature and so wasn't included in this first iteration of changes.
We use this capability a fair bit at Going Square to take snapshot of the updated shop settings for client sites. This way we can quickly restore it to a known state if the client starts fiddling and breaks something or when testing wholesale theme changes, revert back if we need to. 
As a work-around you can still download the complete theme with your settings applied and restore it later on if need be but this seems to be a bit more overboard than it needs to be. Especially when all you want to do is some general tweaking in the theme editor.

Stay tuned. I'll update this post when I find out more.
What's your take on this situation? Put it back in or leave it out?

Latest Update 2/11/2016 - Just heard back from the great team at Shopify support and unfortunately it looks like the ability to save a Shopify theme has gone and not likely to come back.