Shopify Administration Guide


Shopify Administration Guide


This series of online training videos takes you through what a Shopify owner needs to know to administer and manage their site once it is operational or about to go live.

In this guide we cover a number of key areas to help you ensure your store is running as smoothly as possible. 

Includes over 6 videos, supporting documentation and resources .

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The Shopify Administration Guide covers the following topics:

  • Administration Page Overview 
  • Product Management
  • Products
  • Collections
  • Meta Tags
  • Inventory
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Order Management
  • Orders
  • Drafts
  • Abandoned Checkouts    
  • Customer Management
  • Discounts    
  • Content Management
  • Home Page
  • Content Page
  • Blog Posts        
  • User / Staff Management

You can learn at your own pace and refer to it whenever you like, in a medium that is easy to refer to and understand. It's also great for on-boarding new staff at this resource will get them up and going faster and not tie up another staff member to do the training.