There is no denying that the creation and publishing of a website is a key requirement in establishing any business.

While this is a step in the right direction, it is only the beginning to ensure customers and clients can find your website, fully expose your business offering and realise sales.
Additional steps need to be taken to ensure your website competes and out-ranks competitors. You need to be present in all the areas your customers reside along with seeking new areas of opportunity and client types.         

It is for this reason Going Square offer a digital planning, implementation and management service in addition to our website design services.  We recognise that the creation of a digital presence does not just stop at the creation of a website, it requires the development of an overarching strategy to identify your target customer base, how to reach them, draw them to your website and have them repeatedly return.

At the end of the day -

"We want to ensure our customers websites and businesses are a success after the initial website development work is done."

For this reason we offer a range of Digital Strategy Packages to suit a range of budgets and strategy requirements and can include:

  •  Development of multiple digital marketing strategies across:
    • Social media marketing strategy
    • Content strategy
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy
    • Social Media Optimisation (SMO) strategy
    • Customer Value Optimisation (CVO) strategy
  • Reach and engage target audiences
  • Improve business sales and results
  • Ongoing collaboration and guidance based on insights and analytical data

Packages start from an initial strategy and plan to help get you started through to a full on-going digital planning strategy engagement to grow your digital footprint. 

All packages require a $1000 commencement fee. If you are a previous Going Square website development customer you qualify for a 30% discount.

The fee is to cover the initial engagement discussions, website analysis and the creation of a preliminary digital strategy plan. The plan will be conducted over a maximum 8 hr period and include:

  • Review current website implementation for basic SEO optimisations, performance, implementation and design
  • SEO analytics and performance report in relation to content publication, website visibility, external references
  • High level competitor analysis
  • SEO / Google analytics performance report
  • Next steps / Recommendations report

Outlined below are further details on each of the on-going digital strategy packages we offer



From $A 400 pm

Designed to help kick-start establishing your digital footprint and get some of the fundamental elements and processes in place.

  • Deep competitor analysis and reports
  • Customer profiling
  • New market analysis
  • Up to 1 social network integration
  • 1 Google Ad or Facebook campaign
  • Trend analysis reviews
  • SEO / Google analytics performance report
  • Maximum 4hrs per month



From $A 600 pm

For when you want to take your digital strategy to the next level and really start to review, manage and respond to digital strategy activities put in place.

  • Prior offer services, plus
  • Digital strategy collaboration environment
  • Google alerts - your company, competitors, industry, keywords
  • Google analytics filtered views and reports
  • 2 Google Ad or Facebook campaigns
  •  Up to 2 social network integrations
  • Maximum 6hrs per month


From $A 1000 pm

This package gives you the full enchilada by ensuring you a full ongoing collaborative digital strategy in place across multiple social network platforms and email campaigns.

  • Prior offer services, plus
  • Customer Value Optimisation (CVO)
  • Social networking coordination
  • Email campaigns
  • Targeted marketing campaigns - landing pages, traffic and performance analysis
  • Up to 3 social network integrations
  • Maximum 10 hrs per month