Here are some answers to questions we commonly receive from customers

1. Who is Going Square?

We are a dedicated website design, development and implementation company. Check out our About page for further details.

2. What does Going Square do?

We specialize in delivering solutions on the Squarespace content management platform and the Shopify e-commerce platform. Implementing client solutions that focus on functionality, user experience and broadening customer reach with web site and online marketing solutions.

3. Who are Going Square's clients?

Typically we work with small to medium size businesses in addition to  professional and specialist individuals across a variety industries and fields.

4. How long have we been doing this?

While the company is new the team that comprises the company have over 20 years experience working in the technology, web design and development space. We also bring to the table similar backgrounds in running small businesses and large companies, so we are well positioned to better understand your business needs and requirements to deliver a compelling online presence.

5. Will we travel for projects?

This depends on the scale and type of project to determine if travel is warranted. We typically try to steer away from excessive travel as we have enjoyed great success in working remotely with clients in the past and try to keep our client costs to a minimum.  Our internal team members are already widely dispersed and as such we are comfortable with working remotely from one another and our customers. We have established processes and capabilities to handle most project engagements using a combination of email, phone, Skype and collaboration sites.

6. How much will a new site by Going Square cost?

Unfortunately this draws out the typical "it depends" response. Many factors play a role in how much the creation of website will cost from a simple site with a few pages to something requiring a complex structure, commerce, integration and custom development requirements.

This is why we have defined a number of pre-set packages to help you identify which offer best meets your needs and establish an estimated cost quickly. From there we can further discuss what additional requirements you may have and how much they will cost. Our goal is to help you quickly understand the investment required in developing a website.

The packages have been defined to help keep the overall implementation costs down as much as possible. If you feel none of the packages meet your needs, the cost is prohibitive or you have further questions then contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss further.

7. How long does it take to create a website?

Similar to the how much will it cost response, it depends on the complexity of the project. Small websites typically runs for a period of 3+ weeks with the larger website and e-commerce implementations running up to 12+ weeks. The delivery time depends heavily on the client providing the necessary content, images and other media in addition to reviewing and approving the final design. While we will help pull this together, a lot of the time we find it depends on the availability, commitment and turn-around time of the client.

8. How do we begin?

The best place to start is to first select your desired package then fill out our Start Project form or contact us directly. 

9. Who provides the content and adds it to the website?

In most instances we require the client to provide the content - after all you know your business and what you want to say.

All the same we engage with numerous clients that struggle with this, so we help them to develop a brand and message for the website. In doing so we also work with them to develop a website structure which helps to further identify and establish a framework for what content is required and where.

On being provided the content Going Square will then insert and layout the content as designed. We also provide training as part of our package offer to teach you how to manage and update the content yourself.

If you need further assistance with content creation or how to manage the content on top of our standard package offering then we can put in place a support agreement to assist you with this.

10. Are photo's provided with a new website?

No photo's or images are included as part of the package offer. We prefer clients to provide their own photo's and images that best represent the brand, product or service to be promoted on the website. We can direct clients to free stock image sources or other commercial sources as required. It is the clients responsibility to ensure licencing requirements are met for all images utilised in a website as per our terms and conditions.

11. Can you help with my search result ranking?

Yes, we will work with you to establish an online presence to help improve your search results ranking. While we can't guarantee a first page ranking result due to the numerous variables at play we will help you improve your search results rankings over a stand-alone web site. More importantly we also provide the tools and guidance on how to measure your performance over time.

12. What type of payment does Going Square accept?

We accept cash, cheque, major credit cards and direct credit payments.

13. Do we host any web sites and other services?

No we rely on trusted hosting providers to host your domain, web site, email, social presence and other services.

14. What's the next step?

The best place to start is to first select your desired package then fill out our Start Project form or contact us directly.