How We Work

Clients consistently and quite rightly ask us - What is your process for implementing a website?

To help potential clients and others embarking on such an activity Going Square have put together an overview of what that experience is like. Outlined below is where you can find further information on the process we follow, guides and worksheets we use and other supporting resources.

We have a well defined process we have developed over many years that takes clients through the website implementation from Initiation to Delivery and Support 

This Guide and Worksheet helps guide our clients through a structured series of information gathering, evaluation and decision making steps to ensure we capture all elements and expectations for their website.

 Selecting a Shopify Theme or Squarespace Template

Selecting a Shopify theme can be a very confusing experience for some Shopify clients, so we assist them in selecting a theme that will meet their needs, brand and style requirements as closely as possible. In some situations we offer custom development services to give the client the functionality or design they are after.

When selecting a Squarespace template we have created the following article that will help evaluate which templates to use for your website.

If you need further guidance when selecting a template then this guide gives you a different overview of the capabilities provided by each Squarespace template along with quick links to supporting demos, examples, read me documentation and guides for each template. This helps you quickly evaluate the capabilities of each template offered by Squarespace.