Squarespace Template Explorer

Given that the number of Squarespace template options and their capabilities has extended since the last time we put together a template comparison it is high time we polished it off and gave it an update. 

It provides an overview of the capabilities and design options of each template along with links to useful support documentation such as the demo site, example sites, read me and user guides

As well as updating the underlying details for each template it was also an opportunity to present the information using a new explorer that allows you to easily filter and view each template. With our new template explorer there is no more cross referencing each templates capabilities from many different sources or trying out a number of templates to find they don't do something you need. It is all now in one place!

We have grouped each of the template capabilities into categories eg. Template, Navigation, Mobile etc. This will help you locate the type of capability you are interested in.

On selecting a capability category you will be presented with a number of filter options so you can filter the templates listed by each option.

You can build up your filter selections to be as complex or as simple as you require. To clear your filter options use the Clear button provided.

We also offer two views , the default list view and also a grid view which shows a screenshot of the templates homepage. You can click on the view option at the top to flip the template cards over to see more template details or click on the card themselves to see an expanded view of the selected templated.

A working version of it can be found at the links below. Give it a whirl and see what you think.

Click the expand full screen link above if things feel a little tight!


By using the expand button available in the bottom right of the screen to put it in full screen mode it is a lot easier to use.

Please be aware that the template details are only updated or updated on a regular basis so your final experience may be different once you start playing with a template. You have been warned and we have covered our arse! :-)

If you find something is wrong or missing then please let us know at enquiries@goingsquare.com

We have also put together a support Square Template Selection Guide that you might find useful.

Still Can’t Find What You Want?

If you find a template you really like but it doesn’t quite do what you are after then you still have the option of using a Squarespace Partner like Going Square to help implement custom features and designs to a template to meet your needs.

Let us know to see if we can help.